"I had a cavity in one of my molars and had been carrying it with me for years. The pain it caused was steadily becoming unbearable. I had some serious reservations about seeing a dentist about this, as I typically dislike medical offices. However, when I arrived at Lucero Dental I was treated very respectfully and they were able to quickly find and resolve my problem with little to no pain or effort on my part. I’m a professional comedian and I can honestly say that they pain the cured me from has increased my confidence and has dramatically improved my act. Thanks again Lucero Dental. You are true miracle workers."

Nick Spears

"I first went to Lucero Dental to fixed my chipped tooth. Since I was a kid I’ve been rather self conscious about the chip. It was right in the front of my mouth and I felt like every time I’d smile people were staring at it. Thanks to Dr. Lucero my tooth is now fixed. You can’t even tell I had an issue. Best of all she whitened my teeth. Now, I’ve got the best looking smile on the block!"

Dave Sveen

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Our Dentists at Lucero Dental Group are dedicated to family dentistry such as Exams, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, and more. We are looking forward to your visit to either of our Santa Ana or Garden Grove, CA dental offices.

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